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Becoming a Model

Types of Modelling
Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be 5'9", size 8 and extraordinarily beautiful to be a model. True, high fashion and runway work quite often comes with height and build constraints, but it's not the only type of modelling (and even within that market, there's scope for 'petite' and 'plus-size' models). This section outlines the main areas of modelling.

Test Shoots and Prints for Time
Whether you are working with an agency or freelance you will need photos - photos for your composite, portfolio, and web presence. Doing test shoots on a 'prints for time' basis is a good way to get photos without paying.

Learning how to Model
Although most types of modelling hardly constitutes hard work, it does consist of more than just sitting or standing in front of a camera - a model has to think about positioning all her body parts to create the most flattering and evocative pose. As a beginning model, this is an ongoing process for me. This section contains advice and information on finding the right poses, expressions, clothes and effects to bring out the best in you.

Building Your Portfolio
The success of a model depends largely on the quality of her portfolio. A model's portfolio is her main source of self-promotion, a showcase of her capacities as a model. While I am building up my own portfolio I will quite likely have more to add to this page over time. The advice here is based on a combination of what I have read from various sources, and common sense!