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You know you ought to eat better and exercise more, but somehow, faced with a packet of chocolate digestives and a good television programme, you just can't get the motivation to do it.

Work out with a friend
Arranging to go to the gym with a friend gives you less of an excuse to put it off or back out. Act as each other's personal trainer, encourage each other and alternate on resistance machines.

Dream clothes
Promise to treat yourself to new clothes and lingerie when you drop a dress size.

Photo fit
The traditional method of sticking an unflattering photograph of an overweight you to the fridge will probably just get depressing. But using a picture of someone you admire or even envy could be effective. Every time I see a photo of a slender, streamlined celeb or Playboy model I feel newly determined to look like that myself.

Set yourself goals
Plan to lose weight for a special event. Challenging yourself is a good way to stay motivated.

Write it down
Keep a food diary. It may sound obsessive, but it's a good way of keeping track of what you eat, and knowing that you have to make a record of that mars bar may make you think twice!

Think positive
Don't dwell on the things you're giving up but on the new skimpy outfits you'll look great in, and all the increased possibilities in modelling. In "Think Yourself Slim" Carol Harris writes, "focus on the positive choice you're making to be healthy and slim".

Get motivated!
Odd as it may sound, motivation is actually a great motivator. Once you have had the courage to start, this can be your motivation to continue!