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Do not be tempted to crash diet
Apart from anything, weight lost in this way will not stay off but also, if you regularly lose more than about 2lb per week you'll be losing muscle as well as fat. Stay fit and healthy - or you'll be lethargic and lack energy for your modelling shoots!

Don't skip meals
Skipping meals regularly just means that your body stores more of the energy it does get, resulting in slow and ineffective weight loss.

A note about water
Yes I know it's tiresome, but you should really try to drink as much of the recommended 8 glasses daily as you can. Drink plenty with meals as it slows down your eating, allowing your body to start digesting, which in turn makes you feel fuller. Drinking can also help fill you up between meals.

Eat when you're hungry
If you get hungry between meals, have a snack. Research has shown that 'grazing' throughout the day (on healthy snacks of course, not chocolate and cake!) encourages your metabolism to burn food at a more efficient rate. It also reduces the temptation to gorge oneself on food once the long-awaited mealtime finally comes round.

My own Menu Plan is just a starter for meal suggestions. It's also intended to show that dieting needn't be quite the regime of self-denial it is often supposed to be.