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One of the primary requirements in most areas of modelling is a slender, toned body. Healthy eating coupled with regular exercise will slim and tone your body and give your skin a healthy glow.

In this section I aim to provide genuinely useful information about health, fitness, dieting and exercise. It is intended to help young women especially (specifically aspiring models) attain their optimum statistics. I'm more concerned about measurements than physical weight, which is why I concentrate equally on the diet and fitness aspects of health. I do not wish to condone eating disorders - I just want to provide the information that people like me actually want to know.

General Information

The key to successful dieting isn't counting calories or regular exercise or choosing healthy options, it's having the motivation to do the above.

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A collection of health- and fitness-related links.

Dieting & Health

Dieting & Weight Loss
So you want to be a model, but realistically you have to lose half a stone or a stone. Below I've outlined a few tips for dieting which I've personally found useful.

Calorie-Count Diet Plan
Now, I'm not a huge fan of fish or salad, which (according to most of the diet recipe books and magazines around) seems to limit my choices as far as main meals go! But salads can be made interesting, and fish doesn't have to be the only option for a healthy, low-fat, low-calorie meal! This page contains a selection of 'mix-n-match' calorie-counted meal suggestions.

Intended to be a partner to the diet plan section, this page contains healthy-eating, calorie-counted recipes as well as links to online recipe banks where you can find even more.

Exercise & Fitness

About Exercise & Fitness
Don't try and lose weight by dieting alone, combine a habit of eating well with a fitness regime to get the full benefit of a healthy lifestyle. We all know the general benefits of exercise: muscle tone, a slimmer, healthier body, improved metabolism... What's more difficult to find out is how to choose the right exercises for you to get the best out of your workout. The kind of thing you really want to know about fitness.